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Attorney General Sessions brings tough-on-crime message to Memphis


This article originally appeared on MLK50. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions will speak to local, state, and federal law enforcement officials at 10 a.m. Thursday at the Clifford Davis Federal Building in downtown Memphis, the U.S. Department of Justice announced Tuesday. Sessions’ speaking engagement with law enforcement will focus on efforts to combat violent crime Read More >>

Welcome to A Prairie Homeboy Companion


Welcome to A Prairie Homeboy Companion, a weekly blog exploring progressive activism in the Midwest, as well as an occasional platform for my own thoughts on pop culture, politics, and sports. Updates are scheduled for Thursday mornings. I’ll try to mix the storytelling between essays and reported stories, as well as Q&As and multimedia presentations. Read More >>

Autopsy of a Loss


Watching the news coverage on Election Day was shocking. By eleven o’clock, the mood in the room was somber. The crowd that had gathered to watch the coverage in the Miami neighborhood of Little Haiti that night could see the writing on the wall. Donald Trump was on his way to the presidency. The overwhelming Read More >>

Immigrants, Working Class Families, Retirees & Broke College Students Have Most to Lose with Trump


This article was first published on Latino Rebels. I did not see a Donald Trump presidency coming. As a former undocumented immigrant whose parents are still in this country without papers, I gave my all to stop a potential fascist from becoming President. I worked in voter registration campaigns during the primaries and get-out-the-vote operations Read More >>

Report: Increasing Minimum Wage Saves Lives


Tuesday’s “Day of Disruption” walkout by thousands of low-income workers underscores that the Fight for $15 movement is undeterred by the change of administration. Earlier this month, voters approved minimum-wage raises for Arizona, Colorado, Maine, and Washington. What began as a long shot to even liberal labor leaders, the resurgent low-income fight is now bolstered Read More >>



This article was originally published on The Rumpus. The men who called me names were always white men, dressed in the shirts and ties that marked them as belonging to a different class than I did. They sat down next to me when I asked them not to, they kept touching me when I asked Read More >>

Thanksgiving wars: 11 takes to bring you peace


This article was originally published on The following is an article excerpt featuring our Writing Fellows. Millions of Americans from all walks of life will gather this week to celebrate Thanksgiving, and many find themselves asking what it will be like to gather for the familiar holiday after the divisive experience of Election 2016 Read More >>

Why this first-time voter sees hope amid hurt


This article was originally published on I voted for the first time in the 2016 election. I cast my vote for Hillary Clinton, a presidential candidate I believed in, and a number of down-ballot races and local offices. The election obviously didn’t work out the way I had hoped. As a young woman who Read More >>