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Soda Industry vs. Quality Child Care


By Chirag Mehta, Senior Policy Advisor, Center for Community Change Coca-Cola and the soda industry at large are pulling out all the stops to fight Santa Fe, New Mexico residents who want to pass a very small tax on sugary drinks to fund a program that would make preschool available to 1,000 low-income children. Coca-Cola Read More >>

TUNDRA: Episode 1


TUNDRA: Cold Journey to Justice is a docu-series that captures the cold climate found in marginalized communities across the U.S. This series will feature interviews with community leaders on efforts they are mounting to combat oppressive policies and systems of injustice on a local, state and federal level. This series will also generate research through Read More >>

Sources of Flint’s Water Disaster Run Deep


Congress’s Flint nightmare ended last Friday, when the U.S. House Oversights and Government Reform committee closed its yearlong investigation into the city’s contaminated drinking water disaster. The committee’s assessment: the federal Environmental Protection Agency is to blame more than Michigan’s own leaders. I’m quite sure Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is breathing a sigh of relief. Read More >>

Autopsy of a Loss


Watching the news coverage on Election Day was shocking. By eleven o’clock, the mood in the room was somber. The crowd that had gathered to watch the coverage in the Miami neighborhood of Little Haiti that night could see the writing on the wall. Donald Trump was on his way to the presidency. The overwhelming Read More >>

A wish for the holidays


This Christmas season, I’ll be spending my time away from work relaxing and celebrating the holidays with my parents. But for undocumented immigrants across this country, this precious holiday season will be filled with fear and anxiety fueled by the incoming Trump administration. Trump made immigration a centerpiece of his campaign, promising to deport the Read More >>