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The Republican Health Care Plan is an Attack on People Like Me


This article first appeared on The Progressive. How many Americans will be impacted by the GOP’s Obamacare repeal legislation, drafted under veils of secrecy? How many will suffer the consequences? Probably everyone. But the harshest impacts will be felt by those Americans who are already the most vulnerable. Individuals and families who need maternity care, Read More >>

Facing a health care labyrinth


This article originally appeared on Albuquerque Journal. If the GOP-led House and Senate pass Donald Trump’s proposed budget that calls for slashing $800 billion from Medicaid, I am scared I will die. I know that is blunt, but I struggle to make ends meet and I have a pre-existing condition: cancer. I cannot afford the Read More >>

Trump Voters and I Have One Thing in Common: We’re Scared of Losing Medicaid


This article first appeared on Common Dreams. I recently read about a county in Kentucky that is typical of the kinds of depressed white communities that have dominated the news since Trump’s election. Owsley County is 83 percent white, mostly rural, and rigidly conservative. On the surface, I don’t have much in common with its residents. I’m Read More >>

Justice Delayed in South Carolina


A pall has been hanging over my hometown of Charleston since last Friday when a jury made up of 11 whites and a lone African-American failed to reach a verdict in the case of Michael Slager, the police officer videotaped fatally shooting an unarmed black man, Walter Scott. Black Charlestonians feel that justice has been Read More >>