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Ban the Box


This post was originally published on Creative Loafing Atlanta. Asking former prisons about past conviction history on job applications is a barrier to re-entry Every week, men and women who have served time in prison and paid their debt to society apply for jobs. Many of them, regardless of the need for their skills, are Read More >>

Progress in the Fight for the Right to Call Home


Yesterday, the Federal Communications Commission took a major step towards honoring human empathy by issuing a statement to reduce the cost of phone calls made from prisons, jails and other detention facilities. This is a huge win for prisoners’ family members that often bear the brunt of these costs. Historically, prison phone companies like Securus, Read More >>

Why Every Day Should Be National Voter Registration Day


Today is National Voter Registration Day; a day when organizations across the country reach out to their respective communities encouraging them to register and turn out to vote. In light of the President’s recent decision to delay executive action that would provide administrative relief for millions of immigrant families until after the midterm elections, I’ve Read More >>

Financial Literacy Provides a Way Out for Abuse Survivors


Trigger Warning: This piece includes references to domestic violence and other forms of abuse. One in four women will experience domestic abuse in her lifetime. Abuse comes in many forms, but one more subtle but still damaging form that many women face is financial abuse. Financial abuse occurs when an abuser forcibly controls another person’s money Read More >>

Erick Heurta: My Story


By: Erick Huerta When you grow up in neighborhoods like East Los Angeles and South Central, you find yourself at a disadvantage, so you cultivate other things to make up for it. You go out into a world that is institutionally stacked against you in all aspects of your life and you make the best Read More >>

We Can’t Survive on $7.25


This piece originally appeared on At 6 a.m. last Thursday, a small group of people gathered at the Burger King on the corner of North Avenue and Hunt Street in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward. They were fast food workers, home care workers, and those who support their cause. By the time the sun came up Read More >>

Reflection on Ferguson, Missouri


Field Organizer Tammy Thomas-Miles went to Ferguson, Missouri over the Labor Day weekend as part of a strategy session with other organizers. Here is Tammy’s first person account of the trip. It took me 18 hours to get to Ferguson, Missouri from Florida in a van packed with young people and we did not know Read More >>