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Facing a health care labyrinth


This article originally appeared on Albuquerque Journal. If the GOP-led House and Senate pass Donald Trump’s proposed budget that calls for slashing $800 billion from Medicaid, I am scared I will die. I know that is blunt, but I struggle to make ends meet and I have a pre-existing condition: cancer. I cannot afford the Read More >>

Justice Delayed in South Carolina


A pall has been hanging over my hometown of Charleston since last Friday when a jury made up of 11 whites and a lone African-American failed to reach a verdict in the case of Michael Slager, the police officer videotaped fatally shooting an unarmed black man, Walter Scott. Black Charlestonians feel that justice has been Read More >>

Police Already Have Broad Powers to Detain Us; And the Supreme Court Gave Them Even More


Photo credits: Tony Webster. Source: Flickr Creative Commons.  Originally published on Common Dreams.  I don’t want to end up like Alton Sterling. Or Philando Castile. Or Eric Garner. Or Freddie Gray. Or Amadou Diallo. I don’t want to end up dead after a police stop, probably based on wrongful suspicion, which leads cowardly police officers Read More >>